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Your Ultimate 28 Day Shape up Plan

"Imagine yourself with a body that's fit and firm with just the right amount of muscle. Imagine the joy of nourishing your mind and your body for more mental and physical energy, enhancing your mood and giving you greater mental focus. Find answers to your questions about what, why, when and how to eat, to fuel your brain, body and spirit for high performance, day in and day out." - Dr. Susan Kleiner

Where to begin?  Decide which of the following goals fits your current needs:



“I’ve got an upcoming event that I need to look super-hot for fast!”

“I have more than 15 pounds to lose.”

“I want to build sexy toned muscles.”

“I want to work out, but barely have the energy to make it through the day.”

“I can’t miss another day of work! Why do I keep getting sick?”

“I’ve lost weight and want to see some definition.”

“Yipee! I have lost weight!!! Now I need to keep it off!”


GET Started NOW!

Dr. Susan Kleiner and Pam Kruse have teamed up to bring you the best plan to meet your goals

for permanent Weight Loss and Good Health. Your total body transformation solution is awaiting!





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