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Success Stories

Maryanne Eichorn

I am not one to use superlatives but training with Pam has been

transformational to my body and spirit.  I have trained with Pam for 8 months and have lost 22 lbs., gone from a size 10 to a size 4 and have most

importantly become better able to and more motivated to embrace the active lifestyle I have always wanted.  I feel that Pam's routines are very well

thought out, non-trendy, and specific to me.  Pam's training plan includes

advice on nutrition that maximizes the benefit of our work outs. An

accomplished athlete herself, I never feel that she views her work with me as

less satisfying than coaching an experienced athlete.  Always encouraging and results oriented, Pam offers the total training package!

Alice Holm Ogawa DC

I signed up for your running class because "I disliked running and I wished to learn to like running". With your analysis and correction of my running style I can now say that I really enjoy running.

Thank you for being a great coach


Photo: Alice completes Honolulu Triathlon, May 2013


Nancy Hee

I’ve known Pam for about 10 years; she has been training me consistently for the past 4 years (both here and in Honolulu).  I do not have an easy body to work with (rotator cuff problems, scoliosis, hip, knee and I walk like a duck) so she designs my programs with corrective exercises specific to my needs.  In the middle of teaching me a new exercise she is able to assess if I am able to physically do the exercise and if I am not she is able to modify the desired movement right then and there to better meet my needs.  When she first explains / demonstrates a new exercise I think to myself she has got to be kidding, there is no way I can do that; but I do.  Not as well as she does but I do it and work at it to make it better.  As a trainer, Pam is focused and eminently knowledgeable about her subject matter.

Jessica Martis

I saw Pam to improve the strength and range of motion of my shoulders after a rotator cuff injury. She developed an awesome shoulder program, gradually adding more challenging stretches and exercises along the way. Pam did a great job focusing on my form and body mechanics. It helped me be even more cognizant about my form when I did the program on my own. It was an absolute pleasure working with her!

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