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What to expect

Personal Training

When you work with Pam you will receive the accountability, motivation and education you need to reach your fitness goals and start leading a happier and healthier life. After evaluating your current fitness level and helping you establish a healthy goal, Pam will design a program specific to you. Your program will include comprehensive assessment, progressive exercise techniques, and constant reinforcement of a healthy lifestyle.

Personal Interview: You and your trainer will discuss your health and fitness goals in a confidential "Get to Know You" meeting. This interview is complimentary.


Movement Screen: A movement screen offers an optimal tool for your trainer to observe your movement capabilities. Movement observations relate to basic functions such as squatting, bending, lifting, rotating, pulling, pushing and balancing in a multi-planar environment. The screen serves as a search for muscular imbalances, joint instability and decreased range of motion that can have an effect on achieving results and possibly lead to injury. Based on your movement screen corrective exercises can be implemented in the design of your personalized exercise program.


One-on-One Personal Workouts: Meet your trainer for a one hour workout session of personalized instruction at the Fitbodies private exercise studio in Kalaheo.


Motivation: Your personal trainer will motivate you to get beyond "just going through the motions," help you develop incentive to exercise on a regular basis, and help you stay motivated so that you will achieve the results you want.


Guidance: Your trainer will work with you on every exercise to maximize its effectiveness and advise you which exercises will best meet your fitness goals while avoiding injury. Your trainer will help you set up short and long term goals, continually fine-tuning your workout to your changing needs.

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