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Event Training

Pre-run drills


Running Analysis


Video Analysis: start with a comprehensive assessment of your running form. This analysis assesses factors that include foot strike, knee angle, stride length, leg backswing, shoulder position, arm swing and posture to identify inefficiencies and potential risks.


Biomechanical Assessment: evaluate your muscular strength and flexibility, to determine how your anatomical structure may influence that way your run. Learn corrective exercises to restore muscular balance, stability and mobility- essential components completing the bigger picture.


Run – Fit: ideal for new and seasoned runners looking to improve their running form and efficiency.

Learn run drills to improve your running efficiency, speed, race performance and reduce the risk for running related injuries.  Run-Fit group training is offered periodically to prepare for local races or as a way to get into run shape in the New Year. Check the event schedule for upcoming Run-Fit training programs.



Improve your run form, efficiency, and decrease your risk of injury with these easy to do drills

before your workouts or races!


Pam's Triathlon Programs


No matter what distances you are training for Coach Pam Kruse offers expert guidance for improving your racing from start to finish. Coach Pam develops personalized, manageable, and innovative training programs for all athletes drawing from 10-plus years of racing and training experience. Technique improvement and pacing is Coach Pam’s main emphasis. Coach Pam is considered to be Kauai’s premier running coach. She has taken the same detail to coaching cycling and swimming for the complete triathlon package. Coach Pam will train you on the road, on your bike and in the water. She will be sure that you are both mentally and physically ready for a successful race. Choose from online coaching or personalized one on one coaching.

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